• Image of Welcome Back Sailors "TOURISMO" cd/vinyl

Tourismo is out November 2014
LP/CD/digital WWNBB/La Barberia Records - Audioglobe

CD eur 10
VINYL eur 15

Best Friend
Love is a Mirror
Shining Blue
Lonely Boy
Something Great
Act Like You Are Crazy
Jason Dill

Welcome Back Sailors: Danilo e Alessio
Sara Loreni: vox on “Love is a mirror” e Falling”
Stefano Cristi: saxophone on “Act like you are crazy”
Paolo Moscatelli: trumpet on “Jason Dill”

Music by Welcome Back Sailors
Words by Giulia B. and Welcome Back Sailors

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Andrea Suriani / Alpha Dept. Studio

Artwork: Alessio Artoni